By: Ismail Noor

WAJIR—The nominee for chief officer for Water department in Wajir County told a county assembly ad hoc vetting committee that he was passionate about water provision.

38-year old Yusuf Dayib, who has worked at the Kenya Bureau of Standards, says he is inspired by the problem in his water-strapped Tarbaj town which is still experience scarcity with countless boreholes drilled yielding no fruit.

“There are over 400 settlements in Wajir County with over 157 of them depending on water trucking.

” It’s time we engage in new innovative methods like investing heavily on mega piping projects from boreholes with ample yield and water harvesting projects for it to be sustainable,” Yussuf said.

While answering a query from the vetting committee at the Wajir County assembly buildings on how he will solve the drying water wells in Wajir town, Yussuf said he will begin protecting and restoring the six water towers that recharge the aquifer that is now damaged or blocked by human activities which has disrupted the natural water drainage system.

Yussuf, who has the toughest job in Wajir County will work hand in hand with former Deputy Governor Abdihafid Yarow who will be the CEC for Water.

So far the Adhoc committee has vetted over 8 chief officers and has an intention of seeing through the remaining 25 chief officers in the stipulated 3 days scheduled to kick start service delivery.


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